The Simpson Protocol

Advanced spiritual hypnosis using Superconscious

Welcome to the Simpson Protocol, a holistic approach to hypnosis that utilises the power of what we term superconscious mind, your inner wisdom.

Our technique represents a profound breakthrough in hypnosis.

By accessing altered states of consciousness, we are able to connect with what we term the superconscious part of ourselves - the big decision maker in our lives. The wisdom that flows through each and every part of us, and takes in all of the information from our senses and makes the bigger decisions for our overall wellbeing and safety.

You may have experienced times when your intuition or inner healer has guided you towards a certain decision or action, but you ignored it and wished you had listened. We use The Simpson Protocol to access this wisdom, the divine and amazing part of ourselves that is within each of us.

The Simpson Protocol can be used for any issue or reason, from clinical to meta-physical.

Its next level, and we believe it can help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles in your life.

One of the unique aspects of The Simpson Protocol, is it can be used for self-hypnosis allowing you to access the altered states of consciousness at home easily. In addition, I offer the SP training programs for therapists who want to learn this modality and incorporate it into their practice.

I am passionate about helping people unlock their full potential and achieve personal growth and healing. Reach out in the free consult form below to have a chat about how The Simpson Protocol can help you.

Works with what we term the Super-conscious, our inner/innate wisdom, where work seems to be done much faster and more effectively.

The Simpson Protocol also uses Surrogacy which means working on a parent on behalf of a child or even on Animals!


Do you want to learn to connect with your inner wisdom/superconscious mind at home?

I am currently in the process of creating a recorded self hypnosis program to teach you to access these states on your own.

In these recordings we will work on different issues, travel to different spaces and learn how to shift your state instantly.